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The Process

1. All orders for a custom build start with an email to . At this stage all we will require is a simple outline of the type of bike you are looking for, what you will be using it for, anything in particular you would like to incorporate into the build and whether you would like just a frame, or a full build.

2. Once the preliminaries have been established we will inform you of an approximate time frame for build completion (this will depend on both the position in the build queue, and the type of build you require), and an approximate quote for the build. At this point we do require a 50% Deposit, at which point you will join the build queue.

3. When it gets close to the start of your particular build, we will contact you to gather more detailed information for the build; including build specifications, fit measurements as well as a more detailed discussion about your ride style. Toby will then design the frame in detail, we will then let you check the spec, and inform you of a final quote.

4. Once the build starts, you will be kept up to date with everything regarding the build as it progresses, you will also be able to follow on the TOAD Instagram feed.

5. When the frame is finished (and any required assembly completed), we will contact you for the remainder of the balance, and dispatch the bike to you. Of course if you would rather come down to Toad HQ and pick up the bike yourself, then we would be more than happy to welcome you here for your pickup.

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